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logvrp is a web-based application. No need for installation. You can use logvrp free, just by signing to application. Without any paid subscription you can see the DEMO by clicking "free DEMO" button on Home Page. Also you can get information about logvrp by watching videos and also, you can see the slides.

It is best to get the answer by yourself by trying!
logvrp has a single click free demo to use, try at first hand to get more information by experience.
You can also use and evaluate logvrp by free registration and try it with full functionality to see the details closely.
logvrp has surveys and feedbacks which will make the following clear; benefits, unique features, innovative sides which do not exist in most of the VRP solvers.
You can also consult the experts via e-mailing to with the e-mail subject "Consultancy".

When you sign up you will be in the free membership. After sign up you will be able to calculate up to 10 locations free at a time. Free account covers all features of logvrp. You can use all of the features of logvrp with your free acount without any extra charge.

If you forgot your password, then follow the instructions below:

  • On web site, click "Sign In" and on "Sign In" web page, click "Forgot Password..."
  • Forgot Password Window will appear
  • Enter your user name i.e., your e-mail address that you have registered to logvrp twice to the related fields in the form.
  • Check your Email address and follow the instructions.

We accept Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners). When you decide to subscribe any pricing plan.

When you decide to upgrade, you are re-directed to the PayPal service to authorize the recurring payments with your existing PayPal account, or you can create a new PayPal account.

This means we do not hold your credit card number. We also accept wire transfers but for annual plans only.

Annual plans are cheaper than monthly pricing plans. Subscribing in any annual pricing plan, you will save 2 months pricing.
Yes. You can change your pricing plan ( subscription) any time. So you should not worry if you are not sure about the number of vehicles or stops you selected. According to your needs and requirements, you can upgrade, change or decrease your pricing plan at any time. For more information, please read “pricing policy”.

Yes. You may un-subscribe at any time or subscribe again anytime. It is important that you should be aware about no refunds will be given for the monthly pricing plans, when un-subscribed or canceled (terminated) your account.

You may discontinue your use of logvrp at any time. You may also start to use any time again. Your account and your data will not deleted. If you will terminate your account completely, your account and data will be deleted after a period of time. Please check this information from logvrp termination and refund policy in detail.
If you are signed up to logvrp then web service API is included without extra payment. If you will integrate your own commercial product then it requires different software licensing. In this case, please contact us.
They are extremely different. Navigation systems only help you to find location between directions. It does not provide optimization or scheduling for your routes and tasks. It is only used for reaching any destination you want. logvrp helps you to plan routes with minimizing mileages and transportation costs.
Tracking systems only provide information about their vehicles and they help to keep their vehicles under control, or to track how the operation goes. They can not give you optimized route plans or task schedules. The route planner, logvrp plans and schedules your orders, vehicles and gives you step by step delivery/pick-up/service directions before any operation. In this way, your business can decrease costs, save time while increasing efficiency in your operations.
logvrp helps to optimize your routes while minimizing transportation costs, mileages and time. There are no vehicle, order and time windows concepts in Google Maps or Bing Maps. Free mapping services do not optimize your routes. They just allow you to manage a limited number of adresses per route and shows you directions in your routing plan. Opposite to this, logvrp allows you to manage up to 500 stops and 50 vehicles to plan your routes with the most efficent solution. You can manage your routes, orders and vehicles in just a few minutes.
logvrp is a world wide web application. logvrp uses Google Maps data as map data. If Google Maps has detailed street maps data for your country or region, you can use logvrp effectively. USA, Europe and most of the countries are covered by Google Maps. In order to learn whether Google Maps has detailed street map data for your country or region, please search for "Google Maps data coverage" for your country or region, the data coverage is being updated time to time.
Yes. logvrp provides extensive order management for different sizes and amounts. Delivery and pickup stations of orders can be specified with customizing in different load types and amounts. While managing orders, logvrp helps you to manage time windows for orders to define workflow in an effective way. You can specify maximum and minimum time and date for orders, and then you will be more planned and organized to serve your customers with maximizing customer satisfaction.
Yes. You can use all features of logvrp without any limitation. You can also get every update without paying extra unlike other desktop require.
Yes. It is very easy to use logvrp. logvrp is a web based route planner. You can easily, quickly plan alternative routes on google map with the highly interactive and user friendly interface of logvrp. You can see in three steps how it is easy to use logvrp. Enter your stations, vehicles and orders. Plan/calculate routes and then see, compare and export optimum routes. You can also check this from video tutorials as well!
logvrp always attemps to provide the best service to our customers. So we consistently add or update features and we try to offer logvrp to our customers in the most benefical way. We claim that logvrp has unique features which are designed for you to get the most benefit from logvrp. You can examine from “feature page(link)” in detail.
We do not guarantee that you will absolutely make a profit with using logvrp. Because profits and savings may change from user to user or different business cases about routing problems, conditions, etc. However, logvrp helps you to profit and find optimum routes . You can measure your profit with comparison tools, statistics and analytics reports for you in order to evaluate your benefits, profits and savings. For more details please check “acceptable use policy”.

Yes. All your account information, your data are safe and secure.

  • The data and your sensitive private information are kept encrypted in logvrp database.
  • The communication with your internet browser and the logvrp is through SSL (Secure Socket Layer), [cf.].
  • Your data is backed up by proven infrastructures.

Please check logvrp Terms of Service and NetAkıl Privacy Policy.

logvrp currently supports the following VRP types with/without time window contraints:

  • VRP with Simultaneous Delivery and Pick-up (VRPSDP)
  • Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW)
  • Capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP)
  • Site-dependent vehicle routing problem (SDVRP)
  • Open vehicle routing problem (OVRP)
  • Multi-depot vehicle routing problem (MDVRP)
  • Dial-a-ride (DARP)

logvrp currently has the following algorithms (VRP solvers) built-in:

  • A modified version of Mr. Jan Dethloff’s Algorithm
  • A modified version of ALNS (Adaptive Large Scale Neighborhood Search) Algorithm

Yes. The feedbacks of you will be helpful to the evolution of logvrp. The evolution will further accelerate when the algorithm developers, researchers, research institutes join the logvrp and make contributions with their new algorithms (VRP solvers) for other types of VRPs.

If you have other requirements or business needs, please contact us at logvrp aims to improve with your feedback to satisfy your business requirements and needs. We are willing to improve all services we provide and change always to satisfy the requirements, needs of our customers.
We don't say the dangerous words "we know your requirements". This is not a customer oriented statement. The companies that have this approach, won't listen, understand and analyze the customer needs while time is changing. This approach leads to old fashioned, incompotent products and services which are far away from keeping up the changing business needs and requirements. Because, requirements, needs, businesses change faster and every business becomes more demanding everyday in a challenging world.
We believe in strong communication and close collaboration for a perfect understanding of customer and business needs. The requirements and needs are different, so it is important that you let us analyze, discuss how we can find a solution to your needs in close collaboration.

There are two case studies are ready for your routing problem in youtube. passenger freight school bus example and parcel distribution. We will add more case studies for our customers’ different cases to learn how to use logvrp effectively.

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