pricing and fees


Pricing is based on "maximum number of stops(locations) you are planning at once", in other words, capacity of planning

Monthly or annual pricing plans are available for your choice. Monthly pricing plans are given below.

If you prefer annual payment, annual price = monthly price x 10, that is 2 months free.

logvrp, cost effective route planning.

  • We offer 50 different pricing plans (tariffs), each with a 10 $ difference.
  • All pricing plans include all features.
  • You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your pricing plan subscription anytime as your needs change.

Pricing Plan Max number of
that can be planned at ONCE
Max number of
that can be planned at ONCE
Max number of
"Vehicles (routes)"
that can be planned at ONCE
Number of planning in a month limit Monthly Price ($)
Free Plan10105100free
20 stops capacity202000100Unlimited *20
30 stops capacity302000100Unlimited *30
40 stops capacity402000100Unlimited *40
50 stops capacity502000100Unlimited *50
60 stops capacity602000100Unlimited *60
70 stops capacity702000100Unlimited *70
80 stops capacity802000100Unlimited *80
90 stops capacity902000100Unlimited *90
100 stops capacity1002000100Unlimited *100
110 stops capacity1102000100Unlimited *110
120 stops capacity1202000100Unlimited *120
130 stops capacity1302000100Unlimited *130
140 stops capacity1402000100Unlimited *140
150 stops capacity1502000100Unlimited *150
160 stops capacity1602000100Unlimited *160
170 stops capacity1702000100Unlimited *170
180 stops capacity1802000100Unlimited *180
190 stops capacity1902000100Unlimited *190
200 stops capacity2002000100Unlimited *200
210 stops capacity2102000100Unlimited *210
220 stops capacity2202000100Unlimited *220
230 stops capacity2302000100Unlimited *230
240 stops capacity2402000100Unlimited *240
250 stops capacity2502000100Unlimited *250
260 stops capacity2602000100Unlimited *260
270 stops capacity2702000100Unlimited *270
280 stops capacity2802000100Unlimited *280
290 stops capacity2902000100Unlimited *290
300 stops capacity3002000100Unlimited *300
310 stops capacity3102000100Unlimited *310
320 stops capacity3202000100Unlimited *320
330 stops capacity3302000100Unlimited *330
340 stops capacity3402000100Unlimited *340
350 stops capacity3502000100Unlimited *350
360 stops capacity3602000100Unlimited *360
370 stops capacity3702000100Unlimited *370
380 stops capacity3802000100Unlimited *380
390 stops capacity3902000100Unlimited *390
400 stops capacity4002000100Unlimited *400
410 stops capacity4102000100Unlimited *410
420 stops capacity4202000100Unlimited *420
430 stops capacity4302000100Unlimited *430
440 stops capacity4402000100Unlimited *440
450 stops capacity4502000100Unlimited *450
460 stops capacity4602000100Unlimited *460
470 stops capacity4702000100Unlimited *470
480 stops capacity4802000100Unlimited *480
490 stops capacity4902000100Unlimited *490
500 stops capacity5002000100Unlimited *500

*: There is fair usage policy and also usage of the service can not be abusive.

"Whaat ?! I have 4000 customers, so it is 4000 x 1 = $ 4000 / month ???


You may have thousands of stops. It does not matter how many stops you have in total. Pricing is based on maximum number of stops you are planning at once. Assume that, you have 4000 stops in total, and you plan for 50 customers a day, at most. Then, monthly, you will be paying for 50 stops only! See the standart monthly price of 50 stops above.

  • we do not ask for credit card info when you sign up, you will start using logvrp with 10 stops free plan!
  • 2 months discount for annual subscription

Sign up now!

Do not worry if you are not sure about the numbers you selected. Choose the closest number that fits your needs, and you can always upgrade or downgrade your plan instantly.

If you need to plan for more than 100 vehicles or 500 stops at once, contact us.


  • In all pricing plans, logvrp has full feature set!
  • In all pricing plans, e-mail help, knowledge base, feedbacks, bug/issue resolution included !
  • In all pricing plans, web service API usage for IT integrations included, no additional fees
  • No initial fees
  • No installation, setup fees
  • No hidden fees
  • No up-front costs
  • No long term contracts
  • No termination fees
  • You can un-subscribe anytime, and subscribe again anytime! Your data is not deleted!
  • You can change pricing plan to any other pricing plan anytime
  • All prices are in US Dollars

No matter how frequent you plan routes, you add or change stops or vehicles:

  • You can create or save an unlimited number of stops, vehicles and route plans!
  • You can perform unlimited number of route planning in a month!
  • You can un-subscribe anytime, and subscribe again anytime! Your data is not deleted! This does not exist in other planners. So, logvrp is cost effective compared to others. For example, if you are planning routes only 2-3 times in a year, then you can subscribe to a monthly pricing plan as long as you do planning. You can un-subscribe for the remaining months of the year and come back again and subscribe again. Since your data is not deleted you will have a cost effective payment.

What is a "stop"? It is a station (what we call in logvrp) or depot. Then what is a "station" used for in logvrp? It can be:

  • your depot
  • your vehicle starting or stopping location,
  • your customer location to visit,
  • your customer location to pick-up or deliver,
  • and some call it "stop", "destination", "location", "customer", ...

Important Notes on Termination & Refund Policy

  • You can un-subscribe your monthly / annual recurring subscription any time and come back again any time
  • No refunds will be given for the monthly pricing plans, when un-subscribed or canceled (terminated)
  • Partial refunds for only annual pricing plans for the un-used amount
  • Refund costs will be reflected to the users
  • There is no on installments for annual subscribtion. If you want to make installments, please subscribe to a monthly plan

Accepted Payments

  • Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover)
  • PayPal
  • Bank Wire Transfer (available only for annual pricing plans, printed invoice available)
  • Please read logvrp Pricing Policy

Privacy & Security

Your usage is subject to some legal terms, agreements and policies. You have to read and accept them in order to use logvrp. So, please read them.