logvrp Customer Service Policy

Last Updated: Mart 16, 2015

Privacy Policy

  1. You are also bound to NetAkıl Privacy Policy, so please read it carefully.

  2. This agreement is a complementary to NetAkıl Privacy Policy.

  3. The subjects which are specifically not addressed here, will be as in NetAkıl Privacy Policy.


  1. NetAkıl is committed to providing a perfect customer experience.

  2. As an essential part of this commitment, we offer limited free customer service.

  3. Free customer service is limited to the scope, hours, contacts, and channels below.

  4. Customer Service is only for only issues related to logvrp and generally meant for customer support.

  5. However, NetAkıl reserves the right to change this policy.

  6. You acknowledge and agree that, logvrp Customer Service may be changed time to time at NetAkıl's sole discretion, any time.

  7. NetAkıl will inform you such changes, before changes take place.


  1. logvrp free support offering is available only for logvrp, and is limited to the following:

    1. Providing information about logvrp such as

      1. about use of logvrp

      2. about pricing of logvrp

  2. Offers, suggestions

    1. Providing offers, suggestions about how you may benefit from logvrp for your business cases.

    2. However, the risks associated to applying offerings and suggestions are all your responsibility.

    3. Please read logvrp Terms of Service for more details.

  3. Troubleshooting

    1. Identifying problems preventing using logvrp

    2. Providing workarounds or resolutions for known problems

    3. Answering general how-to questions, and providing pointers to documentation

    4. Troubleshooting of the usage of services showing erratic or faulty behavior on logvrp

  4. logvrp Customer service does not cover the following areas:

    1. General debugging of user applications, software, service or any other IT system service.

    2. Rewriting application, software, service or any other IT system code for compatibility with logvrp

    3. Modifying and/or patching third party or open source or any custom software packages for compatibility with logvrp

  5. NetAkıl does not offer a paid consulting or professional services program. We are, however, always happy to present some alternative solutions.

  6. To find out more, please use our contact form to provide a brief description of your needs.

Who can contact customer service?

  1. We will try to provide a well customer service to anyone who are interested in even if they are not registered users. However, customer service to un-registered users are limited.

  2. Support requests will only be processed if:

    1. The request is made through one of our official support channels (see below)

    2. The request originates from a registered user account e-mail address

    3. The requester has collaborator access to any specific NetAkıl applications pertaining to the request

Support Channels

  1. Free customer service is available exclusively through the logvrp Support Site, which is provided on logvrp web site.

  2. The customer service for logvrp can be reached at Support (or such URL as NetAkıl may provide).

  3. Web

    1. Registered logvrp users can submit new tickets and view history and changes on previously opened tickets.

  4. Email

    1. Tickets may also be submitted by sending email from a registered user account email address to support@logvrp.com.

Unofficial Channels

  1. NetAkıl support staff will only respond to support requests received through the official channels listed above.

  2. However, a number of community channels exist for peer-to-peer support and discussion. Community channels with active participation from NetAkıl team members include:

    1. Twitter via @logvrp

    2. Facebook at logvrp @ Facebook

  3. Please remember that NetAkıl team members may participate in community channels at NetAkıl's sole discretion, but there is no guarantee of response for support issues unless they are submitted through one of the official channels above.


  1. NetAkıl Support offers 8x5 coverage. Hours are 10am - 18pm GMT+2, Monday - Friday, excluding TR holidays.

  2. Support inquiries may be submitted at any time via the channels we provide.

  3. NetAkıl services are monitored 24x7. See also NetAkıl Security and Proactive Monitoring for more details.

Communication Language

  1. logvrp Customer Service will be provided in English language and Turkish language.

Proactive Monitoring

  1. The NetAkıl infrastructure and services are monitored 24x7 by comprehensive automated systems.

  2. In the event of any issue affecting the health and operation of NetAkıl's services, we will respond immediately to diagnose and correct any issues.

  3. This 24/7 monitoring covers the entire NetAkıl services, benefiting all NetAkıl users - free as well as paying.

  4. In the event of a platform issue, we will inform users with up to date information about the impact and status of any such issue.

  5. If there's an ongoing maintenance, you do not need to submit a support ticket.