logvrp, fleet route optimization and scheduling, simply: profit easily!

minimize fleet distance, service time and effort, decrease costs & time, maximize profit & customer satisfaction

Profit by reducing costs, mileages, time spent while increasing customer satisfaction. logvrp is used for finding optimum alternative fleet routes with the highly interactive and user friendly interface. Using logvrp makes you more organized, planned, efficient and productive in order to serve customers on time.

Save money

logvrp helps organizations, companies to profit and reduce costs on logistics activities. You can minimize operating expenses with the ideal route planner. When you plan orders, stations and fleet in an optimal way, your transportation costs will be reduced instantly.

logvrp provides cost effective payment for customers. We offer “pay as long as, as much as you use” model, so that you do not have to make long term contracts. We set our pricing plan as much as flexible. You should only determine your requirements and choose your subscription price. You do not need to worry if you subscribe to any pricing plan because you can un-subscribe anytime or you can change pricing plan to any other pricing plan whenever you want.

In addition to these, you can get every update without paying extra unlike other desktop applications require.

Finally, logvrp will help you to measure and evaluate your profit anytime. You can benefit from comperison tool to measure or estimate your profit.

Reduce distances

logvrp helps you manage your routes and plan your orders, stations and fleet effectively. You can find optimum routes for a set of locations, delivery/pick up and fleet. It is certain that logvrp reduces distances between 15%-20% on average over planning by hand.

Using logvrp, planning a route easy and fast. Easily, quickly plan alternative routes on google map with the highly interactive and user friendly interface of logvrp. As well as calculating optimized routes and delivery schedules, logvrp can also be used to effectively manage your orders, stations and fleet. In some cases, you may have routes for the vehicles in order to service the transportation request of customers. When you have set of locations, vehicles and orders, you can easily manage them in an optimal way with using logvrp. In this way, you can find best, optimum routes to serve your clients while minimizing costs and time.

logvrp also provides extensive order management with time windows. You can specify delivery and pick up stations of orders with customizing in different load types and amounts for orders. While you manage orders effectively, you can set time or date for customer requests. Using logvrp to plan and schedule your customer requests can be extremely benefical. You can significantly improve your customer service achievement, respond effectively their requests for continous performance improvement.

Save time

logvrp is a web and GIS based vehicle route planner. It is used for route optimization, transportation planning and fleet management. While planning your routes in an optimal way, logvrp will help you to save time. Because, logvrp is a web based route planner application & service. This means that you do not need to spend time for installation.

logvrp provides convenience in terms of accessibility, that can be reached from anywhere and anytime. You can get new updates in no time.

logvrp allows you to plan&optimize routes and tasks with spending a few minutes.

Increase customer satisfaction

logvrp is used for optimizing routes and tasks, minimizing transportation costs while saving you time. Besides of all these benefits, logvrp aims to increase customer satisfaction. We would like to indicate first, logvrp is well suited for every organization, company or business that has relation with extensive workflow, field teams, fleet and logistics activities. Many organization in both private or public sectors must ensure that one or more vehicles collect or deliver goods or people to a number of specified destinations.

logvrp will help you to serve more customers on time. There are more options available for currency, distance,time and load types for orders to reach your customers more effectively. Basically, we offer to optimize your routes and schedule your tasks while maintaning a high level of customer service. logvrp will help you increasing productivity and keeping you organized and efficient.

Protect environment

logvrp, the route planning software, is a green logistics technology. When you are driving to several different locations, it is important to plan your route ahead to save time and gas. While logvrp helps you reduce mileages, it will help you save on gas simultaneously. Reduced mileage means reduction in fuel costs and maintenance costs. That’s why, using route planner software decreases fuel consumption and emissions for more clean and healthy environment.

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