NETAKIL Security

Last Updated: Mart 16, 2015

NetAkıl continuously designs and implements best security practices. Simply put, NetAkıl's applications and services are secure.

Physical Infrastructure

NetAkıl’s applications and services infrastructure are built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), an "Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)". AWS is provided by the company Amazon Web Services LLC, which is an company. AWS maintains SAS70 Type II certification and also has PCI DSS Level 1 compliance for their infrastructure. Amazon has years of experience managing and securing large-scale data centers. More details about AWS security are available here:

Transmission Security

Transmissions over network, such as internet, are secured by Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The communication with your internet browser and the logvrp is through SSL whenever necessary. The transmission of information is secured through our networks and to other parties networks. So, the transmissions are encrypted while data moves between the user's computer and NetAkıl infrastructure, and even within NetAkıl infrastructure.

Stored Information Security

Sensitive information, such as private user information and credit card information are all encrypted. Access to any data of the NetAkıl services are restricted and limited even to the employee of NetAkıl. We also follow the PCI DSS Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures, v2.0. For credit card processing, we use systems of PCI DSS compliant companies. Therefore NetAkıl does not store your credit card informations


NetAkıl, across its entire platform, monitors the health and security of the infrastructure, applications, services and data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Regular Security Audits

NetAkıl makes regular security audits to search for any possible flaw in our systems or any possible threat.

Best Practices in IT security

NetAkıl follows recognized, tested best practices for security.

Access restrictions

NetAkıl has designed and implemented best practices for restricting access to data, at any level.