logvrp for passenger transportation:

If you provide passenger freight, employee transportation or school bus service, logvrp is a special solution for you.

logvrp has special unique features specific to passenger transportation.
For example;
logvrp can calculate common pick up locations for passengers according to walking distance tolerance.

Benefits of logvrp for your business:

  • Reduce costs, with less vehicles, resources and fuel,
  • Save time, by less operation time,
  • less walking distance to stops for personnel and students,
  • less travel duration in vehicle for passengers.

logvrp provides you ideal route plan, thus reduces your costs and increases customer satisfaction!


load addresses

load Personnel and students addresses.

enter vehicle information and
specify time parameters

enter vehicle information and specify what time the passengers should be at their office or school.

let logvrp calculate routes

let logvrp calculate routes and roads for you.