logvrp for food / beverage carriage services & distributors:

Are you in food, magazine, product distribution / delivery business? We have an ideal solution for you!

logvrp provides you optimum fleet plan and routes such that:

  • You will need minimum number of vehicles and resources to do the tasks,
  • Your fleet will operate with minimum kms/miles and fuel,
  • Each vehicle will know step by step tasks and routes with including estimated date-time.

Your benefits:

  • Reduce costs, with less vehicles, resources and fuel,
  • Save time, by less operation time,
  • Increase customer satisfaction: You can provide estimated service date-time before the operation to your customers and you can provide on-time service.

logvrp provides you ideal route plans, thus, your costs will decrease and you will be able to provide services and deliveries on time by making your team work according to logvrp route plans.

Enjoy the privilege of notifying estimated delivery time before the operation to your customers ! This will increase you customer satisfaction and you will be ahead of competition.

Save money by reducing costs, time, distance and fuel and increase customer satisfaction by using logvrp!